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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Make Money Money Make Money Money!

Quite the interesting game last night.
I headed on over to the local eatery to meet up with Numbono. The setup is normally in the back party room with about 25 guys. But when I arrived there was obviously something else going on in there. So I sat down at the bar and got myself a beer. Now I've never met Numbono before so I had no clue who he was or what to do when I got there. There was a large group of men discussing what to do because it appeared that they had lost the room to a birthday party. But I tracked him down and after a short bit we decided to play out on the patio.
Since things were a little messed up we only had between 16 and 18 players for two tables. A number of fellas complained about the heat and what not but I thought it was fine. My table had about 2 good players that I could identify and the others would fold to a raise every time. I won't go into too much because nothing really exciting happened. A very fast blind structure and soon enough we moved back inside for the final table. I managed to hold on for the 5th place money with my short stack as I saw no real cards all night. Numbono was already out and playing in the cash game they had started. I bought in sat down to play cash with about 6 others. By this time of the night, most were a bit tipsy so it was a very loose game. I did manage to get Numbono to lay down AK on an AK5 board that was all diamonds. I only had A5 and scooped a big pot with that one when Drunky McMoney called with the 3d. I made about $80 or so during the festivities and it was a great time. Good people and good service make all the difference.

I was glad not to be tricked into Numbono's basement and beaten with a rusty rake. He was a nice guy and plans are in the works to get him on air during tonights broadcast of BuddyDank Radio bringing you the Mookie!

Tune in tonight and go give my buddy Emptyman some lovin' on his new blog. He took down the MATH on Monday only because I wasn't there to stop him.

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