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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Working on my non blogger MTT's!

Ever since the BBT ended I have been focusing my play on other MMT's to see how I stack up against everyone else. And I have to say I'm fairly pleased with my results so far.

Friday night after the $1 rebuy I joined the $10 Midnight Madness with 23Skidoo and we both went fairly deep. I was drunk as a skunk but luckily he had my back and kept me in line. I finished 28th out of 1000+. I have no idea how many people were in this, might have been close to 2000 or the low 1000 but whatever. Finished around 3:30am and felt good about the game.

Saturday night was a similar experience. Some friends of mine were over and of course we just sat on our asses and played online poker. After winning our tokens we get into the $17,000 guarantee that much like the night before, started at midnight. Out of 800+ entries I again went deep and AGAIN finished in 28th. And Again didn't get done till after 3:30am! Good lord I was tired. I don't normally stay up that late anymore.

Monday was the MATH and I did the radio gig, donked out of the tourney and didn't play much else.

And now last night I had attempted to satellite into the 50/50 but didn't make it. So instead I chose to play the daily double tournaments. It's nice because they start early and are cheap big MTT's. And for the first time I cashed in both of them and got a little bonus to go with my small winnings. No big money but one of these days I'm going to crack one of these wide fucking open for a good score.

So, yeah I like how I've been playing and with some adjustments to my game I feel I can do even deeper in a big MTT.

Don't forget the Mookie tonight! Sean and I will be on air again with BuddyDank Radio to entertain the masses.

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