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Friday, October 5, 2007

Bad laydowns

I finished 7th last night in the Riverchasers. I could and should have done better but I made some really bad laydowns.
Early in the tourney I get cowboys and 2 callers. Board comes with all rags and the betting takes off. By the turn card the other 2 people are all in and I would have to call off my whole stack. But since they both were maniacs I figured one of them actually might have and eight and do I really want to go out this early so I folded after the turn.

Turns out I was ahead the whole fucking time! Shit! Fuck!

Now it's later in the game and we're getting close to the final table. I see the first face cards I'd seen in awhile and I am in the big blind. I folded to a smallish raise cause I'm a fucking pussy it turns out.

Either one of these would have helped as they happened at opportune times during the game. So here's the question. Did I really fuck up that bad by laying these hands down? I was beating myself up about it pretty bad last night cause I think the answer is yes. I realize the actual hand history would help but I don't have that.

Finished off the night playing some small cash games. I did fairly well but lost a decent size pot when I couldn't lay my fucking hand down. I must have just been way off on my reads last night. Fuck it!

I did make one laydown that may have been right. What do you think?

I probably just played the hand poorly.

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