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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California ain't got nothing on me!

Hot hot hot with lots of fire! That's me!

Monday I missed the MATH to play in the local game I go to every other Monday. I have now been to this game 7 times. After winning again this past Monday, I have now won this game 3 times, been in the money 2 other times and made the final table every time. It's a tough call for me on Mondays because I want to play in as many BBT2 events as possible but I just can't pass up the soft action of this game. 25 guys and only a handful know what they are doing. But his week was easy because my starting table had the 3 biggest fish in this game and none of guys I know are good. Plus they play with a bounty of $5 for every player you take out. That's some easy money right there. I must have taken out at least 7 people and I think my record is 9.

Tuesday I put a few more bucks into Bodog so I could play in the overlayilicious blogger game that Smokkee setup. I went out in 4th on the money bubble but still got $109 tourney bucks for my time. It's pretty funny when first place prize money is less than the bonus money we were paid. My quest to get another bankroll going on a different site begins NOW!

Why you ask? Well because BuddyDank Radio will be kickin it live on the air and since the numbers are rising for the number of entrants with the BBT2 kicking off, I'm hoping to get the largest audience yet for BDR!
Plans to have MiamiDon on the show this week were nixed when I delayed sending out his headset he won last week during 'Name that Donk!'(Thanks for the suggestion Mook!) He will be on next week if everything goes right.
But tonight we should have Tragedy and myself busting on eachother and all that good stuff. OHHHHHH WAIT!!! NO! I believe there was an agreement last week that he has to be nice to me for the whole freaking show! HAHAHAHAHA! EAT THAT!
We'll see who we can get on for more entertainment tonight but if you are interested in being on the show, please let me know. Everyone is welcome.

Also anyone interested in being on the new sensation that is 'Name that Donk!', we are looking for 3 contestants to battle it out with their knowledge of the blogger world. The prize is a headset with microphone so you too can be on BuddyDank Radio.

Since we have new folks coming in to the BBT2 I figured I'd post more information on how to connect to BuddyDank Radio again. Plus if anyone is having trouble, feel free to hit me up on the girly chat and I can help you out. Yahoo messenger: cracksmokingrobot or AIM: boydoisuck

To listen to BuddyDank Radio you can use a number of different media players. I have 3 links at that work like this:

1. Click to Listen - This link is designed to open in your browser(IE or Firefox) and should work for just about anyone. People using Vista with Firefox may want to use IE if they are having trouble.

2. Click to Listen External WinAMP/iTunes - If you have WinAMP or Itunes then this link should work for you. You may be asked what program should be used to open this link. Point it to which ever you prefer. I believe this also works with RealPlayer, VLC and other mediaplayers but I haven't tested them. If you don't understand how to 'Point' to which ever you prefer then use option 1.

3. Click to Listen External Windows Media Player - Just what it says. Using this link should automatically open up WMP and start playing. Again, if not, use option 1 or msg me for help.

And also for anyone new, my entire library of music is available under Playlist and Requests. You can request any song you would like and it automatically gets put into the queue to be played. The list can fill up fast so make sure and get your requests in early. Also feel free to IM me about music you would like to see added to BuddyDank Radio.

I'm going to be making an effort to get the word out about the broadcast tonight to as many people as possible. This may include me putting up info in the chats at different tables. I've never been big on shameless promotion but with so many new faces I want to make sure everyone knows about it.

TUNE IN TONIGHT! I usually get started about an hour before the game starts.

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