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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buddy Dank is now Buddy Doooooosh

....or Buddy Douche.(which do you like better?)
Well, at least until next Wednesday.

Last night was great! I had an incredibly fun time playing in the Mook with Mookie himself joining us during the broadcast. The show felt like it flowed well and we had a great turnout. I'd like to thank Mookie for being on the show! It was a blast!
The big event of the night was me taking out Alcanthang to win the signed SoCo T-Shirt. The only problem was that Al was not very happy with me having AK when he pushed with AJ and he let me know it for about 2+ hours in the chat. Tragedy spun this into his own little Buddy Doooosh haters club and things progressed from there. Eventually there was a prop bet made for a last longer bet during the Dook with me and Al. If I went out first I had to change my blog to read Buddy Doooooosh for 1 week. I'm not sure what he would have had to do if I won the bet but I'm am terrible at horse so it wasn't really an issue.

So yeah, now I will refer to myself, the blog and the radio station as Buddy Dooooosh for 1 week. Ugh.

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