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Monday, October 22, 2007

That went fairly well.

Last night was just the beginning of the BBT2 and things are already heating up! 57 entrants in the Big Game and I managed to finish in 3rd. How?
I played a tight game and got some decent cards when I needed them. But I wanted to check out my stats and see what really did it for me. After loading all my hand histories into PT I see that I had Aces 4 times, Kings twice, Queens Twice and Ducks 4 times. I only had 2 other pocket pairs all night AKo twice. But the biggest glaring figure was that I won almost every single one(I lost with ducks once and AKo once) of those hands and only 3 of those hands didn't make it to the river. So this leads me to believe that my success last night was due to my patience and possibly something to do with my big hands holding up 95% of the time! Now that's just crazy.

After having one of my largest cashes to date I am almost positive that I am going to Vegas in December. I'm going to try to book my flight this week. I still need to book a room though and that's the problem. I'd love to find someone to help split the cost of a room but if I can't then where should I stay? What's cheap but not too far from everyone else?
BDR needs to be in Vegas for the gathering and a big part of that is my cohost Tragedy. Things are looking good for both of us being there but make sure an drop Sean a note so he knows you all love him and can't wait to see him. He's kind of insecure like that.

Tonight is the MATH and everyones next chance to get into the TOC. I doubt I will be there tonight as my regular local game is tonight and not going to it is like passing up free money. But BDR will be on in full force on Wednesday during the Mookie!

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