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Monday, October 8, 2007


It feels so good to go on a heater and just keep on winning!
Last week was the best week I've had in a good while. After winning the MATH on Monday, I final tabled the Riverchasers but bubbled, and then won the Friday Donkarama! But it didn't end there!!!
Saturday Emptyman and myself went to the local casino to play some live cash games. Sat down for some 1/2 NL action and the table was incredible. Donkeys Ahoy!!! I was up an down for about the first 2 hours when this hand came about.
Sitting on the button with 99 and it's $12 to me. I call and then the BB makes it $32 total. The original raiser calls as do I. Flop come up a beautiful 932 rainbow. BB bets just $25 into a $100 pot, original raiser folds and I just smooth call. Turn is an ace but now the board is 4 suited. Checked to me so I put out smallish bet of $30 with about $50 left behind. He raises me and we're all-in! What does he turn up? Obviously AA!!!!! 2 freaking outed on the turn!!! Sick Sick Sick!!! I sat there for a second, too stunned to even show my hand. Just as I table my 9's the dealer puts down the river card. THE CASE 9 BABY!!!!! $300+ pot and soo soo close to qualifying for the Bad Beat Jackpot. At this casino it's Aces over Jacks that has to be beaten.
The rest of the day went very well and I ended up cashing out for over $600. See Emptyman's blog for how he did.(Post not up yet but should be soon) He had a sick hand as well late in the day.

Here's the thing! I have been getting absolutely the greatest cards all freaking week. High pocket pairs, hitting flops, and I'd say I hit a set about 30+ times in the past week. I think I played well too but could not have had nearly as much success without the cards I was getting.

I will not be able to defend my title during the MATH tonight as I cannot pass up the juicy home game I play in every other Monday with Numbono.

Make sure and tune in this Wednesday during the Mookie for BuddyDank Radio! This week the main man himself with be on the show. MOOKIE!!!!!!!!!! Good stuff!

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