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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Waffles "The Cooler" Asshat strikes again

Waffles made his intentions known about 2 minutes after him and I were seated together. He had no interest in anything with the tourney EXCEPT to take out me. Me? WTF did I do? The banter was priceless and we had a few very funny hands together. An hour or so in we were moved to another table together but with him on my right now. He continued his tight play as he looked for the chance to take me on again and again. Eventually he would bust out running a couple craps hands into much better ones. But of course he stuck around to let everyone know I would bust on the bubble and what not.
Fast forward a couple hours and BuddyDank is the Skillz champ for the week!! Woot! So thanks for believing in me Waffles! I couldn't have done it without you.

Now I can't credit just Waffles for my victory last night. I had a little help with some lucky chips. Lucky chips you ask? Well when your broke like me and someone offers to stake you for the game, you take it. When that person has a history of staking people who magically win him money, you go with the flow. So yes, Chad staked me for the Skillz game and it paid off for him. Even as we were getting closer to the final table he said "Don't worry, you win. Lucky chips!".
Thanks to Chad for having faith in the Dank. And FU Waffles. I am the King Baby!

So remember children, if Waffles is deadset on who he wants to lose? You are a shoe in to win! Every Mother Fucking Time!

MiamiDon/Instant Tragedy Radio tonight. It's their final official show so tune in. We have plan set in motion to attempt to break out max number of listeners. It should be a good time.

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