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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sam the butcher dead! Brady too distraught to play!

Big Games Today!
First we have the Patriots - Chargers game. Although Patriots have the home field advantage, I see Brady having trouble concentrating on the game with Sam the butcher passing. I predict the score being San Diego 35 New England 29.

Next we have the Giants - Packers. Packers will destroy the Giants. Eli will break down and cry before half time. New York 10 Green Bay 38.

And tonight we have the two even bigger games!
Show your mad skillz!
Blogger Skill Game
$23+$3 Super Stack HORSE
2100 ET
Password: skillz

And the biggest game of the day is obviously the BIG GAME!
Blogger Big Game
$69+$6 NLHE
2130 ET
Password: donkey

Since my time will be spent watching football and drinking, I don't plan on playing in either game tonight. BUT!
BuddyDank Radio will be doing a special broadcast for the events this evening!!! This works well for me because if I was playing I'd be more interested in concentrating on the game then trying to entertain the masses. So tonight I'll be dragging my drunken ass home to get on air and become the cymbal clapping monkey everyone seems to enjoy.

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