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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Fun show last night but it has left me nodding off at my desk all day. Thanks to Sedrick and Miami Don for joining in the fun during BDR's broadcast last night.

Prop bet! Looks like in my drunken state last night that I agreed to a bet on the Steelers game this Saturday. If the Steelers win, I get free Mookie buyins for a month. If they lose I have to rename BDR to MiamiDon Radio w/ puny little loud guest host IT for the month but only on Wednesdays during the Mookie. Or something like that, it's a bit fuzzy today.
But the good news is that IT put all of his money on JAX and Waffles bet on JAX as well. This should give my Steelers the extra mojo needed to win the game!

.....can't sleep.............clown will eat me......zzzzzzzzzz

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