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Monday, January 21, 2008

I rigged Chad's poll Damn it!! Not Waffles!!

For those who didn't listen into BDR last night, I confessed to rigging Chad's most hated poll. With my mad interneting skillz I voted for Hoy over 40 times. I figured that would set Chad off the most because obviously Hoy is not the most hated of the 4 of them. Waffles should not get any of the credit for this damn it! ME ME ME! I originally was thinking of giving hoy 1000 votes but it would have been too obvious and taken me a really long time to do.

We had a really fun show last night with special guests Zeem, ScottMc and the always lovable CK! It even had some poker content for yous folks who like to hear that stuff all the damn time. I love how more and more people are getting their computers setup so they can be on the show. This will make it easier in the future when I'm shorthanded on guests. Everyone needs to get a microphone and download Skype! That's all it takes people. But then again I will be using a different piece of software in the future for my guests. Skype is just to processor heavy on my computer and chews up my bandwidth. We hope to be moving to a program called TeamSpeak which allows me to run a central server so my bandwidth problems go away. Then after all that is fixed I should be able to get my webcam back online for some of the shows. I know you all want to see my sexiness on a weekly basis.

Football! Superbowl will be teh suck. I hate it when it's all lopsided like this. Makes for a boring game and boring party. Fuck the Patriots!

Math Tonight but no BDR until Wednesday. I gots works to do.

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