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Friday, January 4, 2008

Obviously I SUCK!

Good god! Last night I played in the 20k on Bodog. 330+ entrants paying the top 36 and I made it through the first 3 hours down to the bubble. I felt I played very well and I love the format that is so slow I can just wait for cards. But anyway down to the bubble with 37 players left and I had around 8000 chips left. There were at least 5 or 6 others with similar stacks and I had been folding for awhile. Right after we got to 37 I am dealt Aces, another shorty raises so I push for 6000 more expecting to be heads up against the other short stack. But wait! The guy directly to my left smooth calls for more than half his remaining stack and back around to the other shorty who folds. What does this genius turn up? 23o!!!???? Hmm OK so things look good. Flop even has an ACE baby!!!!! A58 three suited! Turn blanks and a digustingly ugly 4 hits the river and I am bubble boy!!! WTF???!!!

I closed up and went to bed knowing I would have nightmares all night long. So where did I go wrong? I actually had a rather long conversation with Blinders in Vegas about folding Aces. I refused to believe there was a good enough situation to fold Aces preflop but was willing to agree yes maybe during a token frenzy or something where the prizes are all the same. But during a MTT bubble where if I double up I have a chance to take it down for 5 freaking grand? I'm still mystified and would probably do it again in the same situation.
Does anyone else fold here? Seriously?

But anyway I love that tourney and will be playing it more often now.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope to be working on the website and just relaxing.

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