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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I love Wednesdays!

Tonight will be another presentation of MiamiDon/Instant Tragedy Radio. Just keep telling yourself there are only 2 more of these after tonight and everything will be alright.

Poker poker poker.
I had to make a deposit into FT and have finally gotten back to playing in order to sustain my bank roll. At the end of the year I was only playing Blogger tourneys and soon enough I was busto.
But now I've been playing sng's and doing quite well. After just 8 games I am 7-1 in the money. Only 1 win but I'm happy with the results if nothing more then to build up my roll. The $5 and $10 games are usually pretty funny. In most of the games I played I would not have even had to play a hand in order to make the top 3.

Make sure and tune in to the show tonight during the Mookie. I'll be there but will still be letting Don and Sean run things. Not such a bad thing tonight as I have been pukey sick for the past 2 days and am still taking it easy. After day 1 I actually cleaned my toilet so my time in there was more enjoyable.

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