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Friday, January 18, 2008


I'm finally feeling better just in time for the weekend! Yea!

No big plans just kicking back at the Dank pad, playing a little poker, and working on the website. Nothing big to report on the last couple days of poker either. Waffles fucked me in the Riverchasers and I got deep in the Mook but was short stacked and pushed with something silly.

My trip to Europe is definitely a GO! Now I have the choice of going in June or in August. Not sure yet which one I'll go with but my job approved either one so yippie!
Now about this trip. I'll be flying to London to meet my Dad. He has 2 trips to Europe this year so he invited me to tour around a few countries with him for about 10 tens. Yes this may seem odd to some people for me, a grown man, to go on a vacation with his father. But I can't wait!
My father and I have not always been very close. I'll spare the drab rebellious teen stories of my past and just say after my parents divorced I chose not to speak to him anymore. As time passed I realized my mistakes and things have been on the amend for about 8 or so years. And with the passing of my grandfather and my father's heart attack a number of years ago I am more interested in spending time with him then ever before.
So while my trip won't be an off the hook party, I'm sure I will have the time of my life.

Not sure I'll make it to Kat's Friday Rebuy but maybe?

oh and do you think I should have given Hoy 1000 votes? Or would that have been too obvious? teehee

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