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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cheers and Jeers for 2007

Cheers! To a winning year playing poker. No I may not have made very much this year but at least I was ahead.
Jeers! To me not playing very seriously the last half of the year. I started off pretty good this year but faded after the 1st BBT. With the addition of BDR I never really got back on my game.

Cheers! To the success of BuddyDank Radio. I never imagined things would take off like they did. Thanks to all BDR's listeners for supporting us and challenging us to do more!
Jeers! To my laziness getting in the way of improving BDR sooner.

Cheers! To making MANY MANY new friends this year and meeting a ton of them in Vegas!
Jeers! For not having ever gone to Vegas prior to this. WTF was I waiting for? An invitation for fun, booze, friends, and scantily dressed bar maids? Hmm, guess so.

Cheers! To freeing myself from a relationship that was going nowhere.
Jeers! To not doing it sooner.

Cheers! To getting the car of my dreams. I couldn't be happier with my car. Even if it is shit brown.
Jeers! To me almost fucking it up this winter when I didn't check the coolant. The car is fixed now but the only thing we can figure out is that it had 100% water in the radiator when we got it and so when it got cold enough the whole system froze breaking the water pump. It's all fixed now!

Cheers! To everything to come on 2008!!!!

Tune into BuddyDank Radio tonight for the first show of 2008!!!

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