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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fuck Canada!!!

That's right! It's Bodog night again! And Bodog has the sensibility to see those lousy Canucks for what they really are......a bunch of bed wetting, crack smoking, weird money having, sometimes french speaking hooligans!
So I'm just going to assume that Bodog is the all knowing entity that I understand them to be and go with what they believe. Yeah! So fuck you Canada!
All of us Canada haters will be tossing the chips around starting at 9:05ET over at Bodog. And the rest of the pansies will be doing it up on Full Tilt with the Skillz Game starting at 9:30 I think.

OK back to reality. I won't be playing any poker tonight as I am dead broke until payday. But that's no biggie as I have been playing more video games and working around the house more. So far my hiatus from poker has been a good thing. My house is clean(er)! My laundy is done!!! And I setup another computer to help out with my BDR broadcast and as a file server for my Xbox360 which I just replaced. Hmm...maybe that's where all my damn money went.

I also just filed my taxes so I'll be getting that moolah soon to help pay for a new super fast computer! Woot! I can't wait for this as my current home computer is almost 5 years old and has trouble keeping up with all the crap I run on it.

I guess I can't say I'm really on hiatus from poker as I played in my home game last night. I cashed in 4th place and Numbono got 2nd. Not much money but I'll take it. That game is still the funniest thing I've ever played in. There is one guy who plays almost every hand and never raises. But I can't beat him because he ALWAYS sucks out. And I do mean ALWAYS. So last night I tried a new strategy of just not getting into any pots with him. The toughest one was a when I had pocket Jacks and the board came up 579 rainbow. First guy bets and douchebag raises him. At this point I KNOW that I'm ahead. But there is no chance of them laying down their hands. I folded and they both ended up all-in. Douchebag had 89o for top pair and a gutshot. Original bettor had A9 but the 6 on the river sent even more chips to douchebag. He continued to play every hand and ended up winning the whole thing. There is always next time I guess.

BDR is still MD/IT Radio tomorrow! Not sure what is planned but I'll be there so that should be enough for you to want to listen. Right?

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