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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Radio interruptus

After a short day at the office I headed home. Upon arriving I find that I have no internet. No biggie. It happens. Reboot the modem and wait.....wait....huh? Still not coming on. Screw around some more....nope. Nada. WTF???
Goes to get phone and beep beep bip bop beep.....ring........ring.......Thank you for calling Qwest, someone should be right with you.....................
First gentleman I spoke to did some digging and came back saying I had been disconnected for nonpayment. I can't remember how long it's been since I'd paid it so that makes sense, my bad. So he transfers me to another department that can take a payment and turn it back on. CLICK......oops we got disconnected. I call back and of course no one has a clue that I had called before, why would they? Problem is that this new guy can't find anything in the records that show I've been disconnected.
'You only owe $42 sir, that can't be the problem.'
Took some time to convince him that I had indeed been disconnected. And this time the lovely transfer worked so I could make my payment.
'They disconnected you for $42?' says the guy taking my info.
Sounded odd to me too as I have paid late before up to $120 due. I never did get a straight answer for why I was disconnected this time for so little money due. But now that I'd paid that huge some of money owed to them he promised that it should be back on in 2-4 hours. Woohoo! But by this time it was already past normal working hours so I asked if that mattered at all. YEP! THEN WHY SAY 2-4 HOURS WHEN HE KNOWS THERE IS ZERO CHANCE OF IT HAPPENING THAT DAY!!!!! FAIL!!! No internets for me!

So no BDR last night or poker for me because I'm such a degenerate that I can't pay my bills on time. Lesson learned. Not completely understood mind you but learned.

MOOKIE MOOKIE MOOKIE MOOKIE!!! Tonight! Be there or be ghey!!!

Something has been bothering me lately. It has to do with this whole Governor of New York scandal. Yes I know, total shock to all that a man in a position of authority would do something like this. That's not what bothers me. The problem is that if you are going to pay that large sum of money for sex with a woman then there are reasons behind it right? I mean, if it was the hottest 18 year old virgin on the planet and you get to pop that then maybe. But we know that is not what he was paying that much for. So why so much. Well it's rather obvious that a man in his position would only have 1 reason. BECAUSE IT'S A FUCKING SECRET NO ONE CAN FUCKING KNOW ABOUT!!!! That's it! That's all!!
So here's my beef with this. It's no longer a secret. Everyone knows!!! But what I want to know if did he get a refund???? If I paid that amount of money for a service that was expensive because of privacy issues and it got leaked.....I WOULD ASK FOR MY FUCKING MONEY BACK!!!! MAYBE EVEN SUE THE BASTARDS!!! You're already ruined. Life in politics is over for you and you may need that money some day. They broke the deal and now it's time for some payback!!
Well this might have been discussed before but I didn't see it anywhere so there you have it. Sorry but it's been bothering me.

Make sure and tune into BDR tonight!!! That is unless I forgot to pay my power bill.

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