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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wii Theory

Woot! Final table streak continues! I went out of the Mook last night in 6th.(I think?) Had a good run of cards at the right time and again won some races yadda yadda yadda. But my big test last night was with the Wii. Hoyazo had posted about his recent run of cashes in the 50-50 and playing Wii Baseball during the breaks. So last night during the Mookie I played the Wii Baseball homerun contest during every break and even after some beats I took. Surprisingly I continued to make good progress in the tourney and was even the chip leader at the final table for a short time. Did playing the Wii help my game? The results aren't complete yet so I might have to do some more testing. It is a fun way to get out some aggression quickly and may have stopped me from tilting. I did make some crucial mistakes at the final table that I have hopefully pin pointed. Now that doesn't mean I won't make those mistakes again but knowledge is power people!

Tonight is the Riverchasers! Too bad I suck at Omadraw. But BDR will be on air and I know how excited you all are about that.(crickets)

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