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Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh happy day!

Weird. My entire weekend was interesting but I was the most excited about one thing. I'VE LOST OVER 20 POUNDS!!! WOOT!!! I had not been on a scale since around Christmas and I was over 225 at the time. So after changing a few of my eating habits I was sure I had lost some weight but I was surprised to see how much. It was a nice little lifting of my spirits.

Made the last second decision to play in the Big Game. Survived the first 2 hours but went out shortly after that running the best hand I'd seen in a hour into Hoy's rockets. GG.
Of course everyone knows by now who won. Congrats to all who made it deep.

The other last second decision of the night was to broadcast on BDR. Maybe not the best idea since I was playing but oh well. After I was knocked out it seemed like a good idea to finish up some work on the computer. And I never made it back to the broadcast due to falling asleep while waiting for an update to finish. Thanks to Tragedy and ScottMc for finishing things up. No clue how long they were on but I appreciate it none the less.
No show tonight but tune in Tuesday for coverage on the Skillz and Bodonkey.

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