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Monday, March 31, 2008

Wookin Pa Nub

Slowly getting back in to the swing of things. Last week knocked the crap out of me. I was sick, bored, and not treating myself well. Which of course made me sick for longer, my bad.
But now I feel revived, fresh, clean, and vibrant! Why you ask? Well let's see.

1. Got my new phone, a blackberry, and can actually make phone calls. My old one had to be plugged in as the battery was toast 6 months ago.

2. Because I got a new phone number with my phone, don't ask, I had to make the rounds and get a hold of anyone who has my old number. Family, friends, debt collectors, you know? the whole gang! It was great to catch up with so many friends that I really had no reason as to why I hadn't spoken to some of them in sooooo long. Any bloggers out there wanting my new number can just email me or ask via IM.

3. My house is almost livable again. Neighbors moved out this weekend and with them goes that damn dog! I fucking hated that thing. See I live in a duplex with paper walls and whenever they leave the dog barks and howls THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME THEY'RE GONE!!! There is even a hole in my wall where my foot banging went a bit far one Saturday morning around 7 fucking am. AND they gave me their old dishwasher!!! WOOT!!!! My kitchen is now cleaner then when I moved in!!!

4. My workplace surprised us with a nice little bonus last week! This gets me ohhhhh sooo much closer to being out of debt. Man that feels good!

5. And finally being sick has some rewards. Losing Weight!!! I finally got down below 200 baby!!! People who haven't met me might want to know I'm 6'4" so that's about where I want to be. Now I just need to get healthy and keep the weight off. This wasn't exactly the most ideal way to get thinner but I'll take it.

I would have mentioned the weather helping my mood and all that stuff that comes with Spring but it still fucking snowed last week and pissed me off.

Poker? Covered most of The Big Game last night. Didn't play the tourney but threw some money away in a blogger cash game. OHHH and I won a PUSHFEST last week!!!! Yeah baby!!! Vindication!!! This week looks to be like most with BuddyDank Radio shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and now Tragedy will be regularly doing Thursdays as well. I'm still looking for someone to fill in on Mondays!!!
Most likely not playing tonight BUT tomorrow everything starts over with the BBT3 points if you're looking to score the next $2000 prize package for Aprils point leader. Things are still too close to call for March as the top two are seperated by small margin. I might have to log in to check that out!!!

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