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Thursday, March 6, 2008


How you doin'?

For some odd reason my head hurts today. Hmm..oh well. Probably something to do with Buddy having a little fun last night. Went out early in the Mook so I had plenty of free time to get my drink on. Sure hope everyone enjoyed the acoustic death metal version of Country Roads.
I did however get 3rd in the Dookie for the 2nd week in a row! Woot!!!

I'm so fawking tired as of late. No more radio for me until next week. I need a break and to actually get some shit done around the house. I did get a good start by putting my extra set of couches on Craigslist. Funny because I'd never used CL before so I put it in the Free section with the title FREE CRAPPY COUCH!! I have now received over a dozen responses from people who can come get it right away. In fact I only had 1 person requested a picture of it because they had a long way to drive to come get it??? Weird. I think I need to start post more on CL to get rid of my old crap. I really just wanted the couch and chair out of my office at home for more expansions to BDR. Now I think I might be able to make some dough selling oddities. Why not? Right?

Tragedy will be on air this evening for the Riverchasers. I'll be watching LOST and doing some mental masturbating to fantasies of Kate hooking up with Jack. I hate it how she keeps hooking up with Sawyer. Fawking stop it!!!

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