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Monday, March 17, 2008

I love poker!

Holy shit! If you missed the Friday donkarama then you missed out. 13 entrants. Down to the final table of 9 within the first half hour of play. Twoblackaces pushing almost EVERY hand in the first hour. And by almost every hand I mean I saw him fold twice! Even though he didn't have an exact count for the number of rebuys he almost certainly broke the record. After the rebuy hour finished we had over $160 in the prize pool. I personally contributed about $27 myself. Twoblackaces and I had both lost on the last hand of the hour so we were the short stacks. He hit me up with a little last longer bet that I ended up winning. But my streak continued as I fought my way to heads up against Schaubs. It took him getting set over set to take me out so I don't feel too much like his little bitch. Again! Good Times! 2 2nd places in 2 days is good for me and my bankroll!

Happy St Patty's Day! Now I have a good excuse to get ripped tonight! Woot!

MATH tonight! Not sure if I'll donate but I'll think about it. Maybe even do some drunken Irish radio or sumthin'. Might even have a new host for Monday nights!! Still looking for people to take over on nights other than Wednesdays!!?? Hit me up if you want to give it a try.

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