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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fear of Waffles

Made a last minute decision to play in the MATH last night. Hadn't won a token but after some success last week I didn't see it as a horrible idea just to buy in. I was also trying to get a new dj in training going on BDR when I look up as my table opens and there is Waffles! Damn it! And of course right away we get in a hand when I'm dealt Aces. Board was 72x something and when the 3rd heart came on the turn I slowed way down. Funny thing is that Waffles had Kings and got away cheap. Damn it! I feared the hammer raise from Waffles but more so the ridicule that would almost certainly destroy me if I went out against Waffles. That's real fear right there. After last week when I was trying to open up my game more, this turned out to be a great format to continue with. I can count on one hand how many 6max tourney I've played but this was my best finish by far. Shortly after the first break I got a little aggressive with AQ but managed to double up when AQ>AK! Woot! And that was pretty much my only suckout of the entire game. I did crack Aces with K3s but that was his own fault for slowing playing the rockets so not really a suckout. Slowed down when we got to 3 tables and soon enough I was at the final table! Woot! Went out in 5th jamming K9s from the SB but was four flushed by Q2.

I love the idea of other people running the show on BDR so I can focus on poker at least some of the time. Either that or I'm just on a lucky streak.
Thanks to Numbono for DJ'ing last night and I hope he enjoyed it enough to come back!

Skillz? Bodonkey?? Not sure I'll be playing yet but you should! So go sign up!

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