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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What to do to die today

So there I am, licking my balls! The taste was salty but sweet with the occasional hair stuck on the back of my tongue. Nothing out of place. All was normal. And my view of this normalcy started me thinking. Do I really have the dexterity to lick my own balls??? Wait??!! These are MY balls that I'm licking right? So weird because nothing seemed odd about licking my balls. The odd part was that I was more flexible than usual.
After a little more grooming of my nether regions I came to realize that: 1. I wouldn't lick my own balls if I could.(maybe?) 2. I physically can't!(although they are kinda stretchy?) 3. If I am doing this then there must be another explanation.(BAM)
Then I woke up.

This was the first time I can remember being in a dream and actually figuring out for myself in that dream that I was in fact dreaming. This was an interesting revelation for myself. Because if I am able to know when I'm dreaming then I should be able to control them. I've heard of this before but don't know anyone capable of it.
Rarely do I ever even remember any of my dreams. I've read about keeping a notebook by the bed and writing down your dreams right when you wake up but have never tried. I'm not even sure this would help with the controlling aspect of a dream. Maybe I need to do some more research?

Anyone else out there with a similar experience? Aside from the ball licking of course but not limited to it either.

Last week on and special Iowa Boy edition of BDR we were discussing holding our own event here in Iowa. Corn Vegas!!! We have a number of bloggers who are pretty close to our area up in Minnesota. A few others in surrounding states and even more who said they would be willing to travel.

WOW! Really? Iowa? People using vacation time??? for Iowa??? Well OK!

Now we just need to find a good time when it would be suitable and fit in the schedule of the 20+ events that are already planned. So keeps your ears tuned in and we'll figure something out.

Wow? Really?? Iowa??

BuddyDank Radio should be live tonight during the Bodonkey and Skillz challenges.
Tune in!

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