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Friday, March 14, 2008

Good times

It was nice to actually have fun while playing poker again. I'd been on such a cold streak that it was getting discouraging. But last night during the Riverchasers I was able to get to the final table and even heads up against Swimom. It was great! Not as great as it would have been if I won. But still great. So yes 2nd place for me and she get's the TOC seat dang it. I felt I played well but of course had some pretty darn entertaining suck outs to stay alive when I need it most. Like I said, Good Times!

I said this last night on the show but I'll say it again. When I sat down last night to play I had a feeling. Plus since I had no guest for the show I had decided to mainly play music and concentrate on the game. Weird part is that it seemed to work for me. Guess I'll have make sure I play the game ever now and again instead of trying to do a full blown show on BDR and just waiting for aces.

Woot! The weekend is here already and the weather is finally getting better. No clue what I'm doing but it will most likely involve much laziness.
Peace out!

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