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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


After making a decent run during the MATH last night I went out in 11th place. Since Bayne was the Gigli I know am only 225.9 points out of first place with 6 events to go. And no one from the top 10 was able to make any moves last night to catch up to me, so I got that going for me.
I played very well last night and only made one mistake that I can remember and it took me out of the tourney. Heffmike was raising and calling with ATC. In my BB I got A9h and he raised big from the button. I pushed, he called with 10's and IGH. Now if I had only taken a moment to think this would not have happened. When I pushed, my mindset was telling me I can get him to fold and take it down. But it was Heffmike, he was going to call whether he had 10's or 23o. Stupid stupid move my me.

Broadcast went relatively well. We were up to 24 people listening this week. Big plans for Wednesday during the Mookie so make sure and tune in!

Feel free to check out the new Dank Poker Forum. It's still under construction but I'm interested to know if anyone will use it.


CarmenSinCity said...

Maybe we'll set up a private congegal visit for you :)


No jailtime needed.

heffmike said...

fyi, I figured given stack sizes you were going to push ATC over a button raise because you think I'm a muppet - so I was only going to raise your blind with a strong hand that can call a push, instead of just giving away chips on a steal......