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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Poker and Chess

Played in the MATH last night and lost early with set over set. His higher set turned into quads but that just added insult to injury. The biggest casualty in my play last night was that it dropped me to 4th in the overall BBT standings. FUCK! I have to do something to get into the top 2.

I did another broadcast during the MATH last night. Wasn't doing too much other than playing tunes until I busted out. Then I started working on the audio problems when getting Sean from Instant Tragedy on air. Wow did that fail. I should be able to get it all squared away by The Mookie. I will also try to get more specific instructions so that everyone can listen. I won't name names, but someone was having a little trouble getting the stream to work. *cough-the HOST-cough* That provided a fair amount of entertainment last night.

Jordan from High on Poker has started a little chess club of sorts. I must admit that it is addicting. I think we've got enough people to play a small tournament. After playing Schaubs in a few games, I think I'm starting to get back into the right mindset for chess. It's been awhile.


Schaubs said...

phawk. I thought I had you in the second game after I took your Queen early, but your relentless pressure has finally taken mine! Bastard... it's not over til it's over. P.S. - you broke my unbeaten streak biatch. Althought it was just a matter of time. Nice work on BuddyDankRadio. It's pretty cool shit.

Buddy Dank said...

Zee great and almighty BuddyDank loses to NO ONE!
A couple of great games. But I took advantage of 1 really big mistake you made late in the game.
Now I shall be the unbeaten one!(maybe)

HighOnPoker said...

Schaubs has been bitchslapping me all around the chess board. Then again, so has MeanHappyGuy. Man, I suck.

meanhappyguy said...

you're going down, chess nerd!