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Friday, June 15, 2007


Last night was the Riverchasers Event. I decided to go back to playing my original style of poker. BAD!!! UGLY!!!! STUPID!!!!
I'm an idiot and made a bad play. Whoops.
But the story of the night was my arch nemesis Bayne!!! He took that sucker down. Played A2 like it was going out of style and rarely did I see him lose a race. But over all he played an incredible game! He's extended his lead in the BBT to the point where I or someone will need to win multiple of the remaining events to catch up.

BuddyDank Radio was on the air. Not a spectacular performance as I had no co host for the evening. But I wasn't planning on doing a detailed commentary anyway.

Tonight is Katitude's Friday Night Donkament! 1$ rebuy baby! Good Times!
Not sure at this time if I'll be there but if I am, I'll be drunk and on the air. I mean, it is Friday after all!


bayne_s said...

When Half your stack is already in the pot A2 off looks pretty good.

Was relieved when he showed A5 cause I was sure we were chopping at that point.

Great artwork today

katitude said...

hope to see you tonight - check your email, I've sent you an mp3 that could be my anthem for the evening.