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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Coming to you Live from the MOOKIE!!!


Once again we will attempt to cover the action packed madness known as the Mookie. This week I will be joined by Sean from Instant Tragedy where hopefully his experience in the radio biz will spice up the commentary and professionalism to keep things interesting.
Feel like joining in on the fun?? Do you have something to say to your fellow bloggers or a bone to pick? Then here's your chance. Sean and I will be chatting it up throughout the event on a teamspeak server. This means that if you have a mic setup on your computer and want to download the necessary software then you too can chime in your two cents.

To get involved in the action tonight you will need a couple things. First if you want to listen to the broadcast you will either need iTunes or WinAMP.

1. If you have WinAMP it should automatically open it up and start playing. This is the easiest way to listen to the stream.

2. If you only have iTunes you can open the stream using two different methods. First one is when you click on the stream it should offer to let you Choose the program you would like to open it with. You will need to Browse to the Program Files/iTunes directory and choose itunes.exe. The second slightly simpler way is to Choose to save the file listen.pls to you computer. I suggest the desktop or my documents folder. Then open iTunes and go to the top heading of File. Select Add File to Library and browse to the listen.pls file and select it. This will add it to your library toward the bottom of the list if sorting by Artist. Double click on it to start it.

3. And I have not tried this but Yabi sent me a link for a plugin to allow Windows Media Player to listen to the stream. Download Here!

The link needed to open the stream is

If you want to get your chatter on then you need to download the teamspeak client from the following address.
Just go to the bottom of the page and click I Agree to start the downlaod. Then install the program and open it up. Go to the top heading of Connection and select Quick Connect. Type in the server address of and a Nickname. Then click on Connect and you should be LIVE! Feel free to test it at anytime throughout the day today as I will leave it running.
*Note- you will be muted from the stream until we put you on the air.

And again I take REQUESTS! Just IM me on Yahoo Messenger at

I want to give a shoutout to Timmy for setting this up for me. He's such I nice guy. I'll have to think of something special to show my appreciation. I wonder how much a hooker in Iowa is??

More To Come!!!


Alan said...

This is the coolest thing ever. I freakin love it!!! See you at the Mook!

Alan said...

It seems to be working bro! lol

HighOnPoker said...

Yeah, I'm w/ Alan. This is amazing! Nice job. I gots to pimp this.

Patch said...

The stream works with foobar2000 if you do "Add Location" and paste in the link to the .pls file. Not that it matters to anyone but me. Still like foobar2k best.

Oh yeah, the commentary's pretty cool.

Island Bum said...

Great job on the broadcast. catch at the next mook

meanhappyguy said...

So cool, rocked my way to the money thanks to you guys!

Anonymous said...

great idea on the broadcast.

btw, have you seen the rest of the images in the set on your banner? is a summary of all of them, the stream has the rest of the images.

they are stunning!