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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some 'guy' won the Mooke.

I don't remember who it was. Not important right now.

What is important is all the fun that was had. We had Waffles on BuddyDank Radio! Took a bit to get him going but he may have been shy. Spun some tunes and had some laughs and everyone seemed to be enjoying sending IM's to Tragedy and myself with some sort of insult directed at Waffles. Good Stuff.
There were a few minor audio problems with levels and mics and other whatnots but those should be ironed out soon.

My play was everything short of stellar. Distractions galore along with the pressure to make the points and keep my standing in the BBT. Sure enough I made it to the points but just barely. It's now become a battle for 2nd place and I need to watch my back.

More people have signed up for the Dank Poker Forum. You should too!!!
Things are going to be spiced up a bit with a change to the appearance. Check back soon!


bayne_s said...

It's not like I still don't owe Blinder's the $20 if you run me down.

oossuuu is 450 points behind me

Great SHow again last night

CarmenSinCity said...

DAMN! Waffles was on buddydank radio and I missed it. I bet that was really funny.