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Friday, June 29, 2007

Breathing Room

Last nights Riverchasers event turned out pretty decent for yours truly. I was playing uber tight poker just trying to make the points and pray that no one who was a big threat would win. And for the most part it worked out.
OSU went out early, IGGY's internet went out and so he was blinded out, and RecessRampage fell just before the points bubble. That left only one real major threat, Dr J!!! Jeciimd still had a decent chip stack after the points bubble popped and I was stuck with the shorty of all stacks. I kept things tight and just when it seemed I was going to be blinded out, I was blessed with cowboys both times. And the stranger part was that they held up both times, that never happens to me. I sat on my short stack for more than 2 hours, just barely squeaking by. A few more double ups and we were already down to 2 tables.
Then it happened! Dr J moved in and was kicked to the rail! I had accomplished my goal of out lasting my enemies. And just as we were getting down to the bubble of the final table my biggest hand of the night unfolded.
Dealt KQo I minraised and was smooth called by Swimmom. Flop was J10x rainbow and I threw out a min bet figuring I can still get away from this hand and have a chance to at least make the money. She min raises back and I somehow justified calling to see another card knowing I was goneski if nothing came. Turn was the prettiest ace I have ever seen giving me broadway! I check, she pushes and of course I call. Pocket Freaking Tens! Wow! My straight holds up when the river doesn't pair the board and suddenly I'm fourth in chips and we all get moved to the final table.
What a ride it was. The last time I had this much fun playing a tournament was when I won The Mookie and even then I was getting some major suckouts and pretty much had chips the whole time. But this time I was expecting to be taken out every time I was in a pot and people kept folding to me or I was in ahead and it would hold up. Good Times!
Now that I had some chips and could actually PLAY poker I managed to hold my own for a bit till we got down to 4 people. I raised from the SB into Hoy with the JackAce and he pushes back. I have to call and do. He turns over A6o. The 6 on the river sends me packing but I was in no way disappointed. Turning something into nothing was satisfaction enough for me. The only thing I would have loved to have happen last night would have been a heads up battle between myself and Hoy. I would have enjoyed that.

I now made enough points to widen the gap between me and my enemies. The one problem that has risen from last nights game is that now Hoy is a threat and a big one at that. I'll have to wait and see the leaderboard when it's updated to know exactly how close things are but there are big points involved with The Big Game. The winner of that can still possibly hurt me and he's the last person I want to have on my heels.

Don't for get about Kat's 1$ rebuy tonight and if you don't have your token for The Big Game on Sunday, you'd better get crackin'!!

And as always BuddyDank Radio will be on the air for these events and there is a good possibility of have MiamiDon on during The Big Game!

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