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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oh what a night!

Wow! I'd like to thank everyone who tuned in last night for helping the Mookie live broadcast a blast!!! We had a record 23 people listening in at its peak, and minus a few minor technical glitches, everything came together really well.

For those who missed it and those who will just find it entertaining, I'll recap last nights events.
12:00 My boy Timmy hooked me up with the new server stream to handle my bandwidth problems and I immediately went live with the broadcast from work. I was just playing the Waffles song in a loop over and over again. Shortly after Timmy called me to ask if I like waffles. hehe.
5:30 I get off work and rush home to get everything ready.
6:00 The stream was officially live from my home and I almost immediately had 4 listeners. Crazy.
8:00 After some fine tuning of my equipment I made a few announcements and started queuing up music for the evening.
9:00 Start of the Mookie and still Instant Tragedy had not shown up to co host but I managed to do my best to play and keep up with the action. We were already up to 15 listeners shortly after the poker began almost doubling last weeks numbers.
10:00 First break in the Mookie and we were sitting at 19 listeners and then I started getting some good requests.
10:15 It's just like, it's just like, it's just like, A MINI MALL!! Thanks to Mookie for sending that wonderful clip. One of my favorites.
10:25 I bust out of the tourney after the points bubble pops and can finally focus on my DJ duties.
10:26 INSTANT TRAGEDY SHOWS UP AND THE PARTY GETS STARTED!!! Seriously, what a boost it was to have him helping out with the commentary. I had time to drink more and things loosened up all together.
10:40 Prop bet time! We started wagering on who would final table and with this sucka! I put all my faith into Meanhappyguy and I think Sean had OSU. We had several other picks but these were out primary ones.
11:10 Second break and requests are coming in like crazy!! I was downloading everything I could get my hands on to please the masses. Beware what you request because Hanson was played! MmmBop BABY!
11:30 Somewhere during the past 30 minutes we were down to the final table and had quite a few railbirds chatting it up and listening in. I was getting a bit tipsy by this time and afraid I may have scared some folks away with my singing in the background.
11:35 Time flies when you are having fun! My boy Meanhappy guy almost pulled out the win. It was heads up between him and Doogman and Doogie took it down. The music had shift a bit from classic rock to rap and hiphop due to the number of requests coming in. I had none of this music but my friend Ares was happy to oblige. So the games over and that means the parties over too right??? NOT AT ALL. ON TO THE DOOKIE!
11:40 The Dookies was just getting down to the final table and the crew of railbirds all moved over to that game. We continued to rock on and good times were had by all.
12:00 Wow, I'd been on the air for 4 hours now and we still had close to 20 people listening in. Then it happened!!
12:01 ABBATILT! There was some discussion about Abba and I played a request for it. I was upset with the Abba bashing and went on Abbatilt myself. BUT then I put everyone else on Abbatilt by forcing them to listen to it. Part way through the song everyone was rescued by my main man TIMMY. He jumped into the stream and announced that he was going to cut off my access to the server if I continued to play Abba. It was funny shit. I of course stopped the music out of respect to the server admin.
12:30 Can't believe we're still going this strong but everyone seemed to be having a good time. We're down to the final 3 at the Dookie and it was prop bets galore. I had Bayne picked to go all the way early and he was on his way to winning this one for me but it was not meant to be. My memory gets a bit fuzzy around this time but I think it was Mattazuma that won it. I might be wrong, blame the Captain.
12:40 We called it a night and what a night it was. I had a blast!

A big shout out goes to Mclarich who again did a stellar job live blogging the tourney. Thanks for all the pimpage!

Now after all that I got to bed and awoke this morning so I could get to work. I had the small problem of still being drunk when I got up today but it's not like it was the first time that's ever happened. So I sit here drinking my coffee and watch porn clips.(seriously part of my job)

There are somethings to improve for next weeks broadcast. I'll be working to improve the audio on my microphone and the teamspeak server needs some tweaking as Numbono can probably attest to. He tried to get online but it was causing feedback that he disconnected shortly after. I think I can solve these issues so I hope more people will look into getting a mic working with their computer to be a part of the broadcast next time.

Thanks again for the support and good words. I really hope to make this a staple in the blogosphere we all call home!


smokkee said...

well done fellas. that was the best time i've ever had playing and railing a tournament.

btw- JJ still sux ballz.

AlCantHang said...

Wondering what you think the max number of users connected might be. I completely whiffed on pimping that last night but won't forget next week.

Buddy Dank said...

Al, I've been checking to see what stats the server keeps and I can only find the max connected at one time which was 23. I suppose I could go through the entire log and count the individual ips but I doubt I'll do that. I would guesstimate around 30-35 different people listed to it at some point last night.

mookie99 said...

Great stuff last night, had a blast!

I think Al means how many users can the server/bandwidth handle?

Once Al starts pimpin' it, it may get big.

"Hey, hey"

Buddy Dank said...

/me slaps forehead

We initially set it at 32 max since it was the first time using the dedicated server. The plan is to move it over to a more powerful server and we'll probably set it to around 80-100 users max. But the bandwidth is essentially unlimited because Timmy's the man!

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

I had to do the Hellmuth and show up a hour and and half late.

What do I look like??? A Donkey?

Heh. What a great time.

Next week we will have to work on alternating the music between u and I.

(Dueling Bangos Plays)

oops wrong hot key!