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Monday, June 18, 2007


Where to begin?....
Friday night I played in Kats $1 rebuy as well as was on the air doing the BuddyDank Radio thing. I love this tournament. So much fun for very little cash. I had a few friends over, so we sat back and had a few drinks and they played as well. None of us made the cash but that's OK cause we had a good time.
By the end of the tourney I was a bit drunk but little did I know how much more I would consume. I continued to broadcast and people kept requesting music so it was all good. I must have made a reference to having Patron in my home because shortly after MiamiDon IM'd me to discuss its greatness.
I'd heard many a time about dial-a-shots with Al. Well this was IM-a-shots! Don said he was pouring one for himself so I obliged and salute! This is where things start to go a little fuzzy but my friends say that we did this 3 or 4 times during the evening. Wow was I loaded.
The next morning I was woken up by my friends doing a pile on Buddy surprise attack around 8am. Let me tell you THAT SUCKED! I was still quite drunk and now had to drive 30minutes so we could go golfing. Lukily we didn't get to the golf course until around noon due to some delays. But golf was fun eventhough most of us really suck.

Spent some quality time with pops on Sunday and headed back home. I played very little poker after Friday but did snag my token for the MATH tonight.

BuddyDank Radio is now always live and on the air! Feel free to tune in at work or home anytime. You can also use the website to queue up anything from my library that you would like to listen to.

I'm working on some additions to the website that should go live very soon. I'm also interested in getting some feedback as to how often anyone might use such features. The main one being Dank Poker Forum. It will provide information on BuddyDank Radio as well as a central location for bloggers to communicate. I've been to other forums such as 2+2 and Neverwin but find that those places are so overloaded with douchebags that I wouldn't waste my time posting there. We'll see how it goes I guess.

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CarmenSinCity said...

You sound pretty hot when you are live on the air. I'm sitting here listening to you blaring out of miamidon's computer - keep up the good work sexy.