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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Things are looking up!

I did another broadcast during the Friday night donkament. And again had a positive response. I went out in 5th when Kat cracked my aces. Good times!

I've been working on some improvements for BuddyDank Radio. I found some better software to stream with and it is awesome. I can do some much so easily and the sound quality is much better.
One of the new features is the ability to view the library of music and make requests that will automatically be played. It's pretty sweet. I will continue to take requests through IM and whatnot because I may not already have what you want to hear but I can usually get it pretty quickly. The new site for requesting music is
Another feature is the sound effects board. The software allows me to have a ton of goofy sound fx's setup that can be played at anytime. I've been busy looking for the best ones.
I'm also considering changing over to Skype for my co host to connect with as well as for other parties who want to get on air. Still working on that one though.

So please check out to request some tunes as BuddyDank Radio is Live almost all the time now a days.
I was recently asked if I'll be broadcasting during all blogger events. The answer to that is YES. But I will only be doing commentary during The Mookie until the BBT is over. I need to concentrate on finishing the final events strong. But after that I'm going to try to do commentary for all events. Music will be available for all of them starting NOW.

I hearing good stuff from people in Vegas. Can't wait to read more updates. Sorry I missed it but am looking forward to future gatherings.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Like I said, don't bother playing the tournaments anymore. As long as you do the live commentary, we won't miss you. I mean you already made the freeroll, I don't know what the problem is... :)