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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Aboard!!!

Things are getting very tight in the race to the finish for the BBT!
I get nervous thinking about playing in the Mookie just thinking about it. But I have conceded that Bayne will win the BBT and so I've decided to stop fighting him and just root for him. So now I give you THE BAYNE TRAIN!!!!
I say "GO BAYNE! Win it all". Cause as far as I'm concerned him getting the points for first is far better then someone else in the top 10 besides myself getting them.

Tune in tonight for another segment of BuddyDank Radio bringing you The Mookie! Instant Tragedy and myself will be clowning it up and raging the tunage. Not sure those are words but oh well. Fuck it all!

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lj said...

that banner is hilarious!