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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Mookie and much much more AC/DC

It's that time again!
Buddydank Radio will be blaring tunes and with a little extra AC/DC this evening. I spend the past 12 hours retagging my library and finding a few more songs. I now have every AC/DC album they ever made, Beotches!
And music should be easier to sort through with all the cleaning I did. I've also got about 2000+ more songs coming next week. We're gonna turn this mother out.

Dank Poker Forums are up and running. There is not a lot of content yet but we now have 7 whole members! Feel free to sign up and post anything you'd like. I'll be sprucing it up over the weekend.

Go check out Schaubs new layout and give him the loving you know he deserves.

If anyone would like to get on the air tonight just let me know. Now if I can just find the fart machine.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

You should also take garbage like Melissa Etheridge off the request list...

lj said...

you check out kleptones yet?

jjok said...

thanx for the jinx.....fucker.


Good luck 2nite man, and love the broadcasts