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Thursday, February 21, 2008

7th place in the Mookie ain't so bad

Played super tight game and managed to get all the way to the final table. Nothing huge to report but I had a great time as usual. BDR was kicking it with Schaubs and IT. Good times! Thanks to everyone who tuned in. Tragedy will be in control of BDR this evening so make sure and check that out during the Riverchasers. I'm taking the night off but will probably be playing some poker.

Cash games have settled down a bit as I've been barely breaking even. Aces cracked at least 3 times has me tilting a bit but I'm trying to keep my cool. As long as I stay in my limits I should be fine. Maybe I'll try a larger MTT tonight.

EDIT! THE WAFFLES SCHOOL OF BANKROLL MANAGEMENT IS THE NUTZ!!! Cashed out half my bankroll and promptly opened a 2/4NL table with my remaining $200. 4 or 5 orbits of folding and I double up with this. WOOT!

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