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Monday, February 4, 2008

Hungover but Happy

Oh what a night! I got rather trashed during the game last night trying to stick to CK's rules for the SuperBlow. But it was all worth it with the fucking Pats losing!!!! I had such a great time screaming my lungs out in the 4th quarter. FUCK THE PATRIOTS!!!!!
Good times.

I did it! I broke down and ordered all the parts I need for a new computer. For you computer nerds our there, here are the specs.
Intel E8400 3ghz Core 2 duo 45nm
Asus P5N-D Motherboard
4gigs of DDR2 800
Antec P182se Case
500gb sata 300 HD
(no graphics card yet as I can't afford the one I want)

This machine will eat my old one for breakfast and shit it back out before noon. It will also make things run much more smoothly during BDR broadcasts. All the parts won't make it here before Wednesday so we'll have to use the old setup 1 more week.

MATH tonight! I may have to try to win a token after work and get in the game tonight. You should too!!!

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