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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Schmalentine

The best thing I can say about today is that since I'm single I'm saving a shit ton of money this year. Good lord! When I think about how much I spent last year for my ex and how unhappy I was even at that point, I'm still flabbergasted by what a man will do for sex. Hell I'm shocked that my cheap ass has ever had a girlfriend. Sorry ladies but I am not a fan of Feb 14th. Dinner yes. Flowers maybe. Gifts, cards, jewelry, ect FUCK NO! Maybe I'll see it differently if I ever find the right woman.(Yes WOMAN)

I have several goals to achieve this week.
1. Work on the damn website and start putting up material even if it's just a little.
2. Backup and fix mis tagged music files so it's easier to search my library.
3. Get even more music. I'd like to have 20,000+.
4. Get my chat banned on FT for kicks. What are they going to do? Take my $1!

I have high hopes of finishing most of this by the end of the weekend. My new computer is cooking right along and will save me tons of time. I just need to get fucking started and get off my lazy pot smoking ass.

Last night was a more mellow controlled show on BDR. Thanks to DrJ for coming on to talk to me about his trip to Australia. No there weren't drunken hordes on the air slamming other bloggers and making sexual advances toward coworkers but I had a great time. But perhaps future guest will be limited to an hour of air time to keep things moving.

ScottMc is going to be hosting the show on Sunday to cover all the majors going on that day. I'll put up more info like what time and shit as we figure it out more. And then I plan on having another show Tuesday during the Bodonkey and Skillz games, as well as the regular Wednesday Mookie show.
Wow! I really hope we can find enough material for all these shows. If not, I'll just get drunk.

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