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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Raise your hand if you tugged one out to the new nekkid pics of Ms Lohan

I'm Back Baby!
And what I mean by that is that BuddyDank is playing poker again. I'd only played a small number of times this year as my bankrolls were non exsistant. But now with a win on PS in Saturdays with Dr Pauly and some new ad revenue to beef up my FT roll I'm back!

So what would you do with the new 'found' money on FT? Yep, open a cash game table way above your bankroll! That's what I did. Went to a 3/6NL table with $250, played 2 orbits folding everything and then found cowboys in middle position. Some retard bet at the 10 high flop and I pushed. Turns out his pocket 8's weren't so great and I almost double my bankroll in 15 minutes! Woot! I got out of there quick and have been playing some lower level cash games ever since. The previous post was a hand from a 1/2NL game that I bet the whole way with out him raising. Serves him right for not raising me on the turn.

Tonight should be fun! Bodonkey and Skillz games will be kickin' it and BDR will be Live On Air to cover both events. Tragedy has been working on lining up the special guests so we'll see what happens with that but either way we'll have some entertainment for y'all.
Tune in tonight starting around 9pm EST.

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