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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok no more brag posts.

Had a good run over the weekend but stopped after taking a couple beats. It is nice to have a roll on all 3 sites I play on now so I hope to continue my winning ways.

Bodonkey and Skillz games tonight.
Make sure and check out BDR tonight as I imagine someone will be broadcasting.

And tomorrow on BDR during the Mookie we will be talking to Hoy about his latest big score and victory in the 50-50. Other guests will be announced soon.

Speaking of the 50-50, my main man Emptyman went deep last night. Woot woot!

Oh yeah! I'm working on editing past BDR shows for download. Here is the first one from last weeks Bodog/Skillz games.
right click and save as to download.

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