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Friday, February 1, 2008


I was like a little girl who finally got her pony last night! It probably has something to do with the fact that I've seen little to no TV lately and almost no new TV at all. I did get some new episodes of Chuck but that's not the same thing. But now I have Lost again and it's going to be on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays!!! That's so awesome!! It won't mess with BDR or The Mookie like last season.

About the episode, I thought it was great. I'm loving the flash forwards and can't wait for more. Hurley showing up at the cabin with Locke and Jacob in the rocking chair!!! OMG!!! I want more of that storyline and NOW! Hurley can see Jacob too?!! I get so wrapped up in the drama sometimes. The death of Charlie got to me last year and it kicked right back in last night. I love emotional rollercoaster it puts my brain on. But damn it I've always liked Jacks character but what the hell is with him lately. Pulling the trigger on Locke??? What? Completely and utterly out of character and unnecessary. Overall I thought it was one of the best episodes I'd seen in awhile. There were a few stinkers last season that had me wondering if I would continue to be the Lost crazed nut I have become.

Man I love having something to look forward to each week like this. With the number of posts I've seen today regarding Lost, maybe we need to have a blogger Lost blog where us bigger fans can discuss such things away from our so called poker blogs. Just a thought.

The time has finally come where I HAVE to upgrade my home computer. Wednesday was the last straw for me as I had constant problems throughout the broadcast and could not have everyone on air that I wanted too. If things with BDR are going to continue and get better then I will have to keep raising the bar every week, and right now I'm pretty much topped out. Not sure how long it will take me to piece together something better but let's hope it's not more then a couple weeks. Jeez, I better start playing more poker again so I can pay for the damn thing.

Football! Eh? Not sure how much I care but it's the second to last game of the season I can even watch so I'm wondering if anyone I know is having a party. Actually I don't think I know any Giants or Patriots fans so Sunday could be time spent at the local sports bar paying way too much for drink just for the atmosphere. GO GIANTS! FUCK THE PATRIOTS!

Might need to relax to a little $1 rebuy action tonight at the Donkarama. You should too.

EDIT: Oh yeah and it appears I have a Facebook account that I don't remember creating. But you bloggers keep adding me so I get the emails. And I obviously did create it since my most common password worked to login. I do funny things online when fucked up I guess. Facebook! HA!

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