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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mookie is on BDR TONIGHT!!!

Great fun last night on BDR during the Skillz and Bodonkey games. CK got pretty lucky that Waffles did not win. If you missed the show, we had setup a prop bet between CK and Waffles that if Waffles won CK would have to send him a nekkid picture of herself. For most of the game it looked like his chances were slim but at the final table he really took off. Thank goodness for Waffles usually blowing his load too early as he finished in second place and gets no nudies now. Oh and he has to pay CK some moolah for buy ins or something. Good stuff.

Now! Tonight we have another great show lined up with the namesake himself on the show! MOOKIE MOOKIE MOOKIE!!! Hopefully Tragedy will be able to be there as well but I've got some other extra special guests lined up as well so it should be a full fun filled fantastic time!

I've also started rebroadcasting the shows the next day around noon. So if you missed it and still want to hear all the crap we come up with then tune in the next day while you're at work. Right now I'm playing last nights show and there are actually a couple people listening. Soon I'll have them for download as podcasts. I know I keep saying that but I'm really close to being done for realz.

Got some special brownies for tonight too!! WOOT!

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