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Friday, February 15, 2008

Mystery Chocolates

So say you come home from work on Feb 14th to find a little decorative bag hanging on your front door. The bag is filled with familiar chocolate covered almonds. Now let's say you know know who left them and it's an ex with whom your relationship did not end well. There is no note or anything with them either. Do you eat said chocolates? Do you fear they might be poisoned or possibly made with stool softener? Well?

I ate them! And since I'm typing this right now you can assume they were fine which they were. I didn't really think anything was done to them but how was I to know for sure who left them or what they might contain. What a rush! Not really...

April seems to think they were left so I would contact my ex and at least for a moment be back in her life. So I'm choosing not to call her or anything of the sort. A dick move? Whatever.

IT was able to take over the station last night and do a broadcast mostly without me. This is great!!!! I always had hopes that there could be broadcast on nights that I'm not available or to burnt out to do. So thank you Tragedy for taking that next step with BDR. I love it!
Still working on some sound quality issues but for what it takes to make this happen I can deal with a little sound degradation.

Still working on a show for Sundays with ScottMc so I'll post the times when that's figured out. And you can't miss the shows next week. Tragedy has lined up a brand new guest for Tuesday that I know you will all love. I won't ruin Tragedy's surprise though so you'll have to wait until he makes the announcement. I believe we are also going to have Smokkee on the show as well so it should make for good times.

I need to put 'make a weekly/monthly schedule for BDR' on my list of things to do. Hell I might even get most of my stuff done if my stash doesn't get replenished soon.

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