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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My home game that is!!! Mother fucking damn it!!! I just can't take it anymore. I originally saw it was a very soft game but it's just getting retarded now. After getting to my seat I saw that 6 of the biggest donks were at my starting table. This was not good! I couldn't win a damn thing as they called everything every time and sucked out EVERY MOTHER FUCKING TIME TOO!!!

Get this! And I wasn't even in this hand but it still just grinds my gears.
2 players see the flop for a minimal amount. Flop is AK8 rainbow. First donk bets and donk number 2 min raises back. Smooth call by 1 and the turn is another Ace. 1 leads out again, 2 raises and 1 responds by going all in for much more than the pot. So 2 tanks on this for about 2 or 3 minutes and finally calls. 1st donk has pocket 8's for a flopped set and turned boat. We all figure donk 2 has an Ace that he couldn't lay down but he won't turn up his cards. Whatever. So the river is ANOTHER Ace. What does donk 2 turn up? POCKET FUCKING 9'S!!! Are you kidding? Really? This was less than 10 minutes into the tourney and he calls off all his chips on that fucking board. Well he takes down that pot with the river Ace and manages to take most of my chips shortly after when my turned flush is noo goot against the river four flush top pair donkeyness.
Question on etiquette for ya. If you win the pot, should you be required to show BOTH your cards? I mean seriously how is this a problem with people. I got into it with a guy who showed one of his cards that made him a straight to beat his opponents over pair. I wanted to see what he was playing with and he put up a fuss about showing his cards. At a casino they absolutely require it but shouldn't it be just common practice EVERYWHERE!!!??? I wasn't accusing the guy of cheating but he took it that way. Bunch of fucking pussies I tell ya.
So that's it. I'm quitting my home game for at least a month maybe more. I'd rather play cash at the local casino then bang my head into a table for 3 hours every other Monday. Fuck it!

Now on to other things.

I'll be playing in the Bodog tonight and am again thinking of doing a radio broadcast if anyone is interested. I won't make it to the Skillz game because I'm a bankroll genius and I need to work on BDR website material. One game of poker is enough of a distraction.

Still working on who will be the guest for tomorrows show. Come back tomorrow and find out bitches! Wait, I mean retards!

EDIT: Check out Dr J's update I missed from last week!

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