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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My ass hurts

Well I'm not sure how I'll pull through tonight after falling on my ass and breaking my desk chair. I have nothing good to sit on and I'm afraid it will affect my broadcast and poker play. I guess I'll pull through like the super stud I am. Go me!

I have to thank ScottMc, MiamiDon and April for joining me on BDR last night. It's always fun to get fresh voices for the broadcasts and April was great! I need to get an all women show going. That would be the nutz! Or? eh nevermind...I've been working on lining up 2 new guests for tonights show but have no official confirmation from either of them. But don't worry I'll find something for the show tonight. Plus I have high hopes that Tragedy will be there and he's chatty enough to fill 6 hours let alone just 3.
Any listeners out there that are interested in being on the show sometime, just let me know by either IM'ing me on Yahoo at cracksmokingrobot or shoot me an email

Tune In Tonight!

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