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Monday, February 11, 2008

I suck! OK?

Things are progressing much slower then I had hoped. BDR is still down due to me being an idiot and forgetting to put the sound card back in before I left today. Duh, you need a sound card to play music? Duh? What? I will have it back up and going when I get off work later. It is still limited as I am moving music around and fixing crap so deal with it.

The main reason I didn't get much done is that I'm having too much darned fun with my new computer. Playing games I couldn't run on the old box, downloading new ones and even getting some new porn. Gotta have plenty of good porn for Valentines Day.

No MATH for me tonight as I must extract some cold hard cash from my home game. Peace out RETARDS!!(this is my new favorite word as it has been determined the foulest word in the history of the English language by FTP)

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