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Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey baby! How'd you like to sugar my cookie?

No MATH for me tonight as it is my every other week local game with Numbono. I wish I could play for the sake of the BBT2 but I can't pass on the super soft free money game.

BuddyDank Radio update!
I am changing the computer that I broadcast from and have not finished. This means that unless I get off my butt when I get home after work, you will not be able to request music. I will do my best to get that working even if it is with a limited number of songs.
Everything should be back up and running as usual by Wednesdays show.

I played no poker after Friday night and felt good about it. There was plenty of time for me to play but I have not been in the right frame of mind lately and feared throwing away my bankroll. So football it was! Nothing but football and occasionally trying to fix the computer situation. The crowning success for the weekend was when I managed to piece back together a broken hard drive with a few parts from another drive and rescue all my live Dead shows!!!! There was about 60gigs of music on there but I just wanted my complete set of all of the Deads Dick's Picks albums. I was amazed that it worked but I got them and then while starting to copy the complete anathology for Metallica, it died for good. I was happy just to get the Dead.

So BDR will be up and running soon enough and plenty more changes coming shortly after.

...oh yeah. Go visit Ricky424's blog. If people actually visit he may blog.

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