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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cash in hand and waiting for someone to sex me up.

I think I made it to almost the midway point of all 3 tourneys last night. No real memorable hands but I did have a good time as we had a great turn out for the games and for people listening in to BDR.
Tragedy was on early and then bailed to make an appearance at his work party but was back in time for the Dook and the Spook. Not sure what went wrong but shortly after he was taken out of the Spook, he disappeared. Tragedy strikes again. Don't know what happened but I hope to hear from him soon. Buck up camper!

Hoy has picked me as one of his pick 5 for tonights Riverchasers. That would be sweet. It's one of the only blogger events that I have never won, the other being the Big Game. The biggest obstacle for me to get past is my belief in streaks. I was hot a couple weeks ago but have been cold cold cold ever since. I feel fine about my game but what do I know. It may be best for me to go get that stupid book that tells you if you want something bad enough you will just make it happen kinda crap. Fuck that shit.

BDR will be jamming out the tunes during the game and we'll see if I can line up any other entertainment in time.

OK so I have my flight reserved for the trip to Vegas in December. I got it cheap and it's the only direct flight from Des Moines to Vegas it seems. After many hours of searching for the best deal on hotel and airfare combos I didn't really find anything that was much of a deal at all. So now I just need to book my hotel and I am still open to sharing a room with someone if anyone wants to save some money. Let me know ASAP because I really need to get it booked next week or shortly after.

How much is a hooker in Vegas anyway?

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