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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sex with kittens!

Hopefully BDR should be back up and running completely by the time the Mookie starts tonight. Almost everything works except having guests on the air and that is kind of important otherwise you would never get to hear Tragedy's side of the conversation. Wait....maybe this isn't such a bad thing! I'm torn I tells ya.

Took 3rd in Smokkee's Bodog tourney last night for $40 ecash and $109 tcash. Not bad for a $11 investment. This game is such a great bankroll builder and I can't figure out why more people don't play. Are you really having trouble getting money into Bodog? That's all I can figure since you can't transfer funds like FT. My recommendation is to try harder and get in the game.

Missed the MATH on Monday due to my local game. Unfortunately I bubbled in 7th but still kept my streak alive of getting to the final table. The tourney was insane though. I have never seen cards come up like they did. One guy had rockets 8 freaking times in about an hour. It was funny because this guy plays almost every hand every week and is usually easy pickins but not this week. He took out most of the big name players and easily won after coming into the final table with a huge lead over the rest of us. He got me when I push garbage from the SB into his BB and of course he had cowboys.
I was in an interesting hand early in this game. During the first orbit I am dealt rockets. I raise 4x and get 2 callers. Board comes AK4 with 2 spades. I check my set and a shorty shoves but only has about half of what was in the pot left anyway. Other guy calls and so do I. Turn is a queen of clubs and I'm almost certain I'm still ahead. I put out a bet around half the pot size and he calls. River is a red ten. Guy pushes. FAWK! I only had about 800+ left of my original 2500. So obviously I lay it down and all in shorty turns up a set of 10's get made on the river and of course the guy turns up the freaking jackace! Part of me thinks I played this wrong and could have gotten the jackace out but I think I got out pretty cheap considering. This game is super loose and Ace face is freaking gold to these guys. Thoughts?

Last chance to share a hotel room with BuddyDank during the gathering!!! I'm booking my hotel by this weekend so let me know if you want to save some cash.

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